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Driving Our Optimal Solutions

JC3 Optimal Solutions is a premier supplier of scientific equipment, supplies, and chemicals to government, life science, and agricultural markets across the US. We have multiple strategic partnerships that allow us to provide thousands of products to the market. Driving our optimal solutions are:


Values-Based Philosophy- By anchoring our operations in core values, we create an environment that both we and our customers can be proud of.  Disciplined and committed, we will maintain integrity, reliability and honesty in everything we do.

Customer Tailored Responsiveness- JC3 Optimal Solutions’ organizational structure enables us to respond faster to our customers’ needs. Focusing on your needs allows us to strengthen a “trusted partnership.”

Diverse People & Solutions- Each member of the sales team has a scientific background that enables the company to better understand the needs of our customers, and to ultimately provide time and money savings.


Jeff Carney leads the company with his 10 years of experience with Dupont Chemical in diverse roles within sales, chemical consulting, and
project management.

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